Weekend Weirdness

Check out the weirdness I came across this weekend:

On Friday, I attended a health and fitness event for work. The event had guest speaker Chris LaLanne, grandnephew of legendary Jack Lalanne, and promised a healthy salad, fruit, and dessert bar, and a free gift, so I was way excited.

I walked into the room and saw a sea of white hair….most likely, I was the youngest lady there. I forgot that Jack LaLanne was from, like, the 50s, so it made sense.

The free food wasn’t as healthy as could be (white flour, pastries, energy drinks, etc.), but for most of the crowd, I’m sure it was healthier than usual. Chris LaLanne left us with 15 easy and attainable healthy and fitness tips.

Towards the end of the question and answer period, which dragged on….I was more consumed by which herb centerpieces I could take home. I really wanted the mint and sage on the next table. I lucked out on the mint and another unknown, but darn, no sage! And I left with baon, some broccoli, tuna, and yummy aussie bites. Plus, they gave us a cool health and fitness journal, something really fancy with a pen and printed pages to record our food and exercise!

ANYWAYS…back to weirdness. On the way out of the event, something blingin’ caught my eye:

Blingin’ $$$ Hu$tle Jacket!! Worn by white-haired man! WTF!??!!? It had stitching of skyscrapers and scrapers!

So later that night, I came across some more weirdness.

Went to Blondie’s in the Mission and in the back there is a small “wet bar”. It felt like a whole other place. There was a cosmetology text book on the bar and Deebo behind it. On the shelf, I took a photo of her:

Deebo: Why you take a picture of my girlfriend for?
Me: I’m sorry, I didn’t know she was your girlfriend.
(Barback comes and takes her through a secret door. Comes back after 1 minute and puts her back.)
Barback: She gives really good head!
(Deebo turns on his booklight and reads the cosmetology textbook. I leave for the main bar, wondering…)

In my time, I’ve met many hair models:

Meet LaQuifa. She was my girl Mai’s homegirl.


She gets braided up and hits the board.

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