VIP Happy Hour with Leon & George at Batch

It’s no secret that house plants are beneficial for improving the air quality in your home- and they add such a pleasing appeal to your home decor.  As more and more people are sharing their #plantbabies on social media, there is more and more demand- which means more people who need the proper plants and education to keep them alive and thriving!  Leon & George, a San Francisco-based company, aims to do just that.  You can purchase a beautiful potted plant online, get it delivered, and it’s guaranteed to thrive for 30 days.  On top of that, they offer expert plant care and even email you weekly with a plant care reminder. 

Shopping for something like a houseplant online might seem different than how most plants end up in the home, because I hand-selected every plant in my house!  So to help with that, Leon & George offers a weekly pop-up plant shop to choose your new baby- and they’ll deliver it too!  But what really caught my attention was a VIP Happy Hour event- combining plants with drinks is like a dream come true.  To make it even dreamier, the event was held at Batch, a space where you can see, touch, and experience online home and lifestyle brands in real life- and Leon & George is one of those brands.

Their space is gorgeous- set in an old firehouse with huge ceilings and it even still has the pole!  But what makes this unique is the carefully-curated vignettes that you can experience- and these change every 8-10 weeks.  The current theme was “Millennial Pink”, and I loved every other shade of pink displayed.

There were sections set up like a bedroom, featuring Parachute linens (which I am not sold on now that I have touched them in real life), and office, a nursery, a living room, and even a kitchen counter, which is where the bar was conveniently set up.

And since this is a showroom, you could purchase every item on display if you ended up loving it after experiencing it.


The one brand that fit each of the vignettes was Leon & George, because plants belong in every room you have, and their pots fit well with all of the different decor options.  I swooned over the established Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees, and secretly wished that my palm at home was as luscious as theirs.  There even was a cactus that was almost as tall as me!

It was so fun to hang out in this space and not only learn more about what Batch has to offer, but also to connect with the staff from Leon & George and hear about how passionate they are about plants.

It was also equally fun to explore the different products and test them out, like the Plum Wine Dispenser that chills and preserves 2 bottles of wine.

What really made this event was being able to take a plant baby home.  I chose this plant with pink undertones and a pretty teal pot, and I can’t wait for it to thrive in my space.  Thank you Leon & George and Batch for bringing beauty into our lives- in real life!

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