To Keep or Not to Keep

I went diggin the other day and came across some really good finds. The problem is….do I keep what I find for myself or bless others with what has come my way?

First, check these vintage Christian Dior prescription glasses:

The frames have a two-tone glitter effect with a fancy “CD” on the joint, perfect for flossin’ the designer. The shape is totally throwback grandma, meaning huge lenses, which also means they’re great for peripheral vision! These magically happen to be close to my prescription, making it easier for me to see….
Verdict: KEEP!

Next…red leather penny loafers:

Jada’s been totally into Michael Jackson lately (she even wants to be him in Thriller for this Halloween) so when I saw these, I thought MJ all the way! Michael Jackson never really wore red penny loafers, but I can’t help to think of him whenever I see red leather. These shoes has great detail, super throwback 80s, but they’re a size 8.5!
Verdict: Not to Keep!

Check out these kicks:

These Brittania kicks are brand new in the hottest colors! The tongue is super phat, and the shoes are super comfortable! Best part, they’re in my size…but not like I need another pair of kicks…but when they’re as fly as these, it’s so hard to decide.
Verdict: Undecided

Here’s something I found but can’t call a keeper…just yet:

This VW camper bus lives down the street and belongs to this cute surfer style family. It claims to run good and has funky green upholstery, a stove, table, camper top, and more!! I’ve always wanted a VW bus because my dad used to have one and to have a stove and fridge in one makes it even better! I’ll have to keep wishing for that one because I have no extra funds and I can’t even drive stick! Guess I’ll have to save and practice.

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