Ooh La La…Networking, Fashion, and More!

Sometimes, you just have to work hard to play harder. I felt like that was the deal for me last week. I went to an event and was there representin’ and promoting about 5 different entities. That’s how I do, hustlin’ hard to network.

To prep for this event, I spent some good time on Photoshop and Publisher making business cards and coupons for Pin-Up Portfolios, flyers and a certificate for UpHeels, and bounce-back cards for Women Enough. Plus, I had to get my make-up done (thanks to my girl MisssCarlos), hair did (to promote Pin-Up Parlor), and write up a review for M.I.S.S. all in the end.

But it was all worth it. Met so many people and even though I might have handed them more than 1 business card, it just shows that I’m one hard working hustler. Gotta keep up with me.

Check out my review on M.I.S.S. and our pinned-up looks on Pin-Up Portfolios.

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