National Running Day & Nike Women’s Half Marathon Random Draw Registration

I think I have runner’s intuition.  Actually I hope I do and it tells me to run more.  But I think that’s what happened today.  I had an itch to run…it just so happened to be National Running Day…and I was wondering when the Nike Women’s Marathon would open up registration for the random draw.  Checked my messages and boom…it also just happened to be today!

After convincing myself that this really is the year for a full marathon, I was a little sad to see that this year, the Nike Women’s Marathon would just be a half.  Oh well, I’m still trying to do it. 

Last year I was selected in the random draw, but for the full marathon, which I just ran half.  I hope I get selected again this year. 

To celebrate, I took a quick run around my hood.  It was a hot day but I waited until it cooled down and the sun was not quite setting yet.  It’s right off the bay, so half of the run was against the wind, but I managed to do 3 miles at a decent time.  I tried to strike it at the end.

Anyone use the Nike+ app?  I love it!  I’ve joined a few challenges, which really help push me, and one of them is 100 miles in June.  I have a long way to go, but at least I started!  If I get selected for the draw, believe I’ll be extra motivated….to beat a personal record and get that Tiffany necklace. 

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