Moonlight and Raindrops turn to Sunlight and Rainbows

My window is wide open on a midnight full moon, and the raindrops and crisp breeze soothe me. It’s been a reflective day, a day full of digging up questions, answers, advice, memories, and truth. A splash of synchronicity added to this, making it quite epic for a Tuesday.

But what does it mean?

I had an epiphany involving my karma. Yes, that color-changing karma chameleon. Experiencing the same story, with different scenery, different characters. But what’s really different is that this time I’m in control of the happy ending, and all of the action and drama that comes with it. My intentions are clear. Everything else has been washed away in the rain.

I don’t know the future of anything, but one thing for certain is that the moonlight will turn to sunlight, and if we’re lucky, the raindrops will turn to rainbows. If we’re really lucky, we’ll see double rainbows and completely know what it means.

P.S. I also hear my cat outside. He won’t come in….but I can also be certain, and hopeful, that he’ll come back home.

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