Now, whenever I accept a job offer, I consider the moral of the work…..doing something for the good makes working so worthwhile! From an unpaid Filipin@-American history after-school program, to girls empowerment in sports, literacy, and friendship, and then on to a fitness gym that served tootsie rolls at the counter and pizza once a month (I was skeptical about this job…but I enjoyed empowering others to be fit!)….I realize that I need to feel good about what I do and how I make my $$$.

I particularly love my current job because of the degree of impact it has on youth and families.

What do I do?

I work on the battle fields of child nutrition, fighting obesity, diabetes, and Hot Cheetos by leading nutritious cooking activities in the classrooms.

This last week, an article in the SF Bay Guardian covered a story about the effects of school gardens and nutrition in the classroom. Luckily, my winter school was featured!

When the journalist came into my classroom, I had no idea she was writing for the Guardian. I just did my thing, sang the chants I learned from a co-worker (Vitamin A….helps your eyes today!), led discussions about healthy eating, and cooked a yummy stir-fry with rainbow chard, carrots, spinach, and onions. It’s wonderful to have the opportunity to show the Bay Area that children can cook and eat healthy!

While I’m really proud to be part of this program, it’s quite humbling to see these kids feel so empowered to cook their own food, learn how it’s healthy, try new foods for the first time, then go home and teach their family how to cook the same thing (and tell me about the modifications they did to the recipe! Thinking like chefs!!)

I started a mini-blog for our program, with recipes and nutritional info. Check it out!

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