Love is the the Hair

It isn’t too often when a group of ladies get a chance to get their hair styled in one of San Francisco’s top salons, so when it happens, you can expect LOTS of photos.  From selfies to pro portraits, Wella’s Love is in the Hair event at J. Roland Salon provided the perfect space for single ladies to mingle, get a ‘do done, and take a pretty portrait for their online dating profile.

Not only was the salon just gorgeous, but these ladies were just glowing with excitement and beauty!  They were welcomed with a spread of delectable breads, fruits, and cheeses, and also had a selection of wine to help them wind down before their evening of pampering.

Ladies one by one had a turn in a stylist’s chair, and they could choose from a menu of hair styles.  While I saw many women with luscious curls and waves, a few women went with the sleek look.  The Wella products really worked for the many different hair styles that ended up in front of the camera.

When the salon owner, Mr. Roland himself, asked me if I wanted my hair done, I could not refuse!  It’s so fun when you can mix business with pleasure.  I allowed him to do which ever hair style he wanted, so he went with a fishtail braid.  This was perfect since none of the ladies chose a braid for the evening, so this was a good time to show some versatility.

Roland worked with such precision and it felt so nice to have my have my hair braided by someone else for once.  I’m the one always braiding everyone’s hair!  He first curled my top layers and let them set, and then worked the fishtail on a side ponytail.  After, he let the curls down and totally trashed the fishtail, which I though was really cool!  He whipped around the braid, loosened it up, and just went for a fun and messy look.  It was a pleasure to sit in his chair.  

Afterwards, it was time for my close-up.  I wasn’t quite prepared to do any photos this evening, but after a quick touch up, it was time.  

But first, let me take a selfie!

What was so unique about the photographer of the evening, David, was that he had this cool vest with a tablet that showcased each photo after he took it.  That was great for making sure you got the perfect shot.  

So here’s my profile photo!  Even though I won’t be using this on a dating profile, it’s always nice to have another photo of yourself, especially if it’s not a selfie!  

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