I turn kids into chefs and then artists

Yes, I’m magical. I turn kids into chefs and then artists.

No..that’s wrong, I can’t take all of the credit. I just show them the path.

I started an after-school cooking club with 4th-6th graders and we’ve been traveling to a new country each week and making a yummy, healthy dish. Bean salad, sushi, udon, tzaziki, hummus, pancit, curry….yup, these lil chefs make it all.

But of course, these kids must realize that not everyone is as lucky as them. Cooking classes, farmer’s markets, organic foods, gardening….not every school has that, even if it’s not a low-income community. So we submitted an art project to RPS Collective (Rock! Paper! Scissors!) for their Food Justice exhibit.

These kids flipped old cans into new advertisements, adbusters style..for fresh foods and healthy choices. Even in their own community, outside of the school, fresh produce isn’t always easy to come by.

If you get a chance, stop by the gallery to peep the cans and other installations. Hopefully it’ll get you thinking about food justice and how everyone deserves access to fresh, nutritious food, especially during this consumeristic, food-centered holiday season. The exhibit will be showing all month of December.

RPS Collective is on the corner of Telegraph Ave. and 23rd in Oakland, 1 block from West Grand. It’s free to get in, and open Wednesday-Sunday from 12-7pm.

While you’re at it, check out some homeygrown thangs (and other local artists) in the shop. Support local small businesses, forget about the big biz for gifting!

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