I Run This: When in Waikiki

I was hella excited to go to Hawaii this time around.  Sure, I’ve been plenty of times before, but this time was different because I’m collecting miles.  I was so excited to add to my collection that my running outfits were picked out before I even packed a bikini. 
For every trip, I’ve wondered what should I collect?  Shot glasses? No, I can’t even take a shot.  Snow globes?  Yea right.  Then it dawned on me.  Since I’ve been using the Nike Running app, I should collect miles!  I only started using the app last summer, so I wasn’t on this tip the last trip in the spring.  But now, there’s no stopping me, especially since I’m also training for another 2 half marathons coming up.
For my first run, I woke up early the day after landing and decided to do a 3-mile tour of Waikiki.  I outfitted myself in a Beyond Walls tank that I got from the Mission I’m Possible launch at Urban Outfitters in San Francisco, my new Nike visor (only $6.99 at the Clearance Outlet!), and my Atmos leopard fanny pack that I got at Foot Patrol London.  I only brought one pair of running shoes, my Gyakosu Lunarglides, so I had to make sure that everything somewhat matched the shoes.  
My hotel, Coconut Waikiki, was right on the Ala Wai Canal, so I took that almost to the end of Kapahulu Ave.  I even stopped at a small garage sale and picked up a vintage track jacket for $1.  Good thing my fanny pack was roomy!  I ran through a few side streets and then down the pier.  Perfect photo opp.  Then the course continued down Kalakaua Ave., and I spent the remaining 2 miles dodging tourists and wondering why I was running in 81 degree weather!  But nonetheless, it was a good run.  My pace was better than I expected it to be, at 9’14”, and my fastest mile was less than 9 minutes!  I was pumped to be out in Hawaii! 

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