I Run This: One Mile at a Time

This post excites me because this one mile is an accomplishment.  It’s the first mile I’ve run with my daughter.  She’s 13 and ran plenty of miles in PE at school, but never did I think she would want to get out and run with me.  When my friend asked if we wanted to meet up at the bay trails that were exactly one mile away… I suggested to my girl that we run there.

This partnering actually started earlier this week when we did Zumba in the living room.  I figured if she can run a mile, ranging from 9-something to 11-something minute miles, that this mile to the park would be a piece of cake.

Turns out, she hadn’t run a mile in months, and here I thought she was running everyday in PE.  Nonetheless, she ran, and didn’t stop…. until the very end at the uphill part of the course.  That extra challenge at the end kicked her butt.  And the mile trail and mile home only added to our agenda.  She might have been tired, and wondering how I could ever run more than one mile on my own will, but I secretly think she liked it.  I loved it, not only because I was running and I like it, but because it’s something that WE did together. 

I’m usually a solo runner, and I’d love to have my running buddy be my own daughter.  Let’s see how this goes!

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