I Run This: For Shopkicks!

Vintage Nike fanny pack, kids Nike leggings, and kids Nike Lunarglides. 
It’s tough when you live down the street from the Nike Clearance Store! 
Although I love running, sometimes it’s hard to simply find the time to get out there and just do it. Between work, taking care of a tween and a pug, and trying to collect Shopkicks, how can I squeeze in 30 minutes to get in my prescribed 3 miles?  Why not run to get walk-ins from Shopkick?
I’ve committed to a few different challenges to kick my own butt into gear, so I’m glad that running helps kill 5 birds with one stone.  I’m supposed to lose 5 pounds in 2 challenges: the Panera Lose It! Challenge and the ShayLoss challenge on DietBet. I accepted a challenge on the Nike+ Running app (from someone on Lose It!): to run 20 miles in 11 days. And I started a program on the Nike Training Club app.  I need to run.  And Shopkick. 
So this time I changed my route. Instead of taking the usual scenic bay-side path, I marked the nearest shopping center as my checkpoint…which meant hitting the industrial roads.  I crossed over railroad tracks and jay-ran after big rigs to arrive at the first stop, Sports Authority, to collect some kicks.  After a quick browse and about a quarter mile through the parking lot, the second stop, Office Depot, had more kicks to claim.  
Oddly enough, the whole round trip was exactly 3 miles from my starting point.  I didn’t pre-map this route out.  Maybe the running gods appreciated my multi-tasking abilities?
Let’s see what I achieved: dropped some weight, stuck to my program, and picked up some Shopkicks.  But I can’t be too thankful for this purposeful run, because it turns out it didn’t even sync with my challenge on Nike+ Running.  My count still says 0, yet the run registered with my regular account!  F that, I ran 3.19 miles to be exact! 
Maybe I was trying to do too much.

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