I Run This: 5 Miles to Dip in the Ocean

With all the plate lunches that I’ve been eating while on vacation in Hawaii, I made sure to fit in a longer run.  My training called for a 5 mile run this day, and since I haven’t been totally keeping up with it, I decided to make it happen.  To sweeten the deal with myself, I packed along my slippahs in my Atmos fanny pack and wore my bathing suit bottoms so I could dip into the ocean after. 

I threw on my Concrete Runners tank to represent for the crew and hit the streets in 82 degree weather.  I ran along the Ala Wai Canal again and this time towards the Waikiki  Aquarium almost to the end of Kalakaua Ave.  I swear, each time I thought about how crazy I am to run in this heat, I would just think about how sweet jumping into the ocean would feel after I accomplished my goal.  That was probably every minute!  It was good to see other runners too doing their thing.  It helped to motivate me and also make me feel like I’m not the only crazy one.

I ran passed the tourist traps again and this time all the way to Fort DeRussy, where I planned on ending my 5 miles and celebrating in the water.  It wasn’t quite at 5 miles yet, so I had to do a little more running in circles and down a little pier to make my mark.

Right at the 5 mile mark, I stripped off my tank and shorts, took off my shoes, and made a photo opp before jumping in the water in my sports bra and my swim bottoms.  Damn, that was hella liberating.  It felt so good to reach my goal and have the most amazing reward after. 
After, there was no need to put my clothes back on.  I took a long walk along Waikiki Beach after to cool down some more.  If every run could end in the ocean, I would be running a whole lot more!  Maybe one day…

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