I Love Playing with Balls, Especially Big Ones

No really, I love playing with balls. My favorite exercises involve a yoga ball or medicine ball. They’re just so fun to throw around and really do work out your core. When I tried out the Ugi Ball for a review on M.I.S.S., I had a blast, and I worked out more than just my core.

The class was held at the Equinox gym in SF, and wow, talk about upscale. I wish I brought a swimsuit to take a dip in that fancy-ass pool. Oh, and there were lots of hottie business men working out after work….

But anyways, about the ball, it was SUCH a fun, yet intense workout. I’ve never sweat so much before while playing with balls. Yes, that’s gross, but it’s true!

Read all about my fun with Ugi on M.I.S.S.

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