I guess I’ll see you next lifetime

in the middle of watching a bay area dj video, i thought about my friend Albert, aka Trebla, bka ZeeVee. I haven’t talked to him in eons…so i looked up his website, Sqratchattack.

the main page wasn’t up, which is not like him, and i really wanted to say wassup…so i googled Sqratchattack. I came across a page where he posted a DIY for his famous slipmats (yea!), which hasn’t been updated since ’05, but i still couldn’t find the actual site….

then i came across this.

i’m shocked. this guy was so amazing….it saddens me to find this. that’s how it always is.

this is for you:

ZORLON VODE…turn up the trebla.

i remember your site wayyyyyy back in 96 or so (all that chat is making me is making me itch). we’d talk for eons about things to make people smile, but i still remember that time you really hurt me with what you said….you called me a statistic, but i knew it was just you being real and me being sensitive. don’t worry, i’m not hurt anymore, but at that moment it hurt just hearing it come from you .

then years later, in 2000, riding home on bart with you the first few days of school. then going on city treks and mini-excursions to grab lunch in between classes…..you always knew the best spots to eat….
thai food, neiman ranch burgers, that one cafe on haight with the best home fries….i still wanted to eat at the peruvian spot with you!

i was usually late to class but always had a happy stomach. i enjoyed our three-hour breaks.

remember our condom project for human sexuality class? haha, you didn’t even touch one! were you embarrassed of our condom lingerie? i wish i had photos.

then sq/c/kratchin at your spot, of course. it was quite transcendental.

i really admired you. your intellect, your ambition, your drive. your vision for sqratch attack inspired me to pursue my own avenues as you built avenues for others. everything was just so interesting.

most important, i remember….

it was you who gave me the book of Tao meditations for my birthday (12/20…you could never forget that, right?).
even the newspaper wrapping paper was symbolic. you told me it’s like ripping away everything i know….something beautiful like that. you showed me The Way.

it’s been eons since i’ve talked to you, and it’ll be eons until i talk to you again….

and i really wanted to talk to you too!

ZORLONVODE….Rest in peace on the 12 moons!

P.S. I find it no surprise that your birthday falls on the first day of the new year for the 13 moon calendar.

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