Five Four Club for Father’s Day

If you’re having a hard time choosing what to get Dad for Father’s Day, this is the answer for you. Sign him up for a subscription for the Five Four Club, and he’ll get a monthly delivery of clothes delivered straight to his door. 

Free Shipping. Easy Exchanges. True Exclusivity.

Five Four Clothing

How does it work?  It’s pretty easy to get started for the fellas:

1.  Sign up.
2.  Take a short quiz to tell them about your style.
3.  Five Four Club picks out the best package. 
Member-only access to clothing not found anywhere else on the planet.
4.  Fill your closet for only $60 per month

I wanted to see what this was all about.  The package contained 3 pieces that I could totally imagine in a dapper dad’s closet. 

The v-neck Henry tee was lightweight and textured in a heather gray, a great relief for a guy who probably just wears plain cotton or colors. 

 The Scott gingham button down should be a staple in a man’s closet, and this one was high quality wear.  This shirt alone makes this shipment worth it.  

The Five Four Venice shorts offer another casual option, and came at the perfect time of the year.  I can imagine this on Venice Beach.

Overall, this delivery was well worth it.  And the best part is if dad doesn’t like to shop, why not let the Five Four Club personal stylists do it for him?  If there’s something that doesn’t fit, they offer easy exchanges. 

Why not sign up dad for a few months?  He’d probably like the surprise of getting another package of exclusive stuff. 

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