Dear FutureMe…

Dear FutureMe,

Just want to say happy 27th Earthday! Last year you freaked out about turning quarter of a century. Now you’ve passed that mark. With age comes wisdom, I hope you spend this next year working on attaining that wisdom!

Have you set your goals yet? Spend 5 minutes of today just writing down 5 goals for the next year. Make it powerful. And really stick to it! If you’re really ready to progress (it’s about that time)….make that 5 year plan you talked about last year. REALLY DO IT!! (I hope you made that plan by now)

Get your mom a gift too. She’ll appreciate it.

Did you used to think that you’d be married by this age? I faintly remember that thought. 10 years ago you were 17. How much have you changed since then? What is still the same?

There will be more letters coming your way, so I hope that these will be able to get you moving to turn dreams into reality.

Remember, you used to sing that song:
“I talk to myself, cuz there is no one to talk to….”

Now it’s:
“I email myself, cuz there is no one to email….”

Sure there are plenty of people to email, but you’re most important right now!


This email popped in my mailbox yesterday (my birthday). I wrote it to myself last year on and totally forgot about it until it showed up.

I stumbled across the Dear FutureMe book at the library and after reading other people’s emails to themselves, I had to write myself one! This wasn’t one that is hilarious to make it in the book, but it did motivate me to write my goals out. Gift for my mom? Nope, she’s in another state right now!

What’s funny is that I went to dinner the other night and just realized that 10 years ago I was 17! Can’t believe I wrote it there too. Feels like yesterday, but not. Things were so different back then, but the same. Contradictions, I know.

I know I have more emails coming to me. I can’t remember when or what, but I know they’ll be there. Now, I think I’ll write another email for my 28th birthday. 28 is supposed to be a special age.

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