Benny Gold x Publish Release

After taking a peek at the upcoming Publish collection at Agenda, I was excited to head on out to San Francisco to the Benny Gold shop to check out the latest Benny Gold x Publish collab.

I didn’t plan on matching the welcome mat with my Gyakusou Lunarglides.
I love camo print anything so this collab had me wishing I could take home a pair of pants.  This fog camo is the one too!  I know they probably could fit me, but the only men’s pants I’ve ever worn are sweat pants and I wasn’t in the mood to try on some trousers while there’s party in the shop. 
They jackets were just as sick.  It’s hard to choose a color, but knowing me, I probably would have gone with black. The bucket hats bring it back for me, but I don’t think I would rock it.  I have a big head. 
What was even more exciting was running into my cousin and her boyfriend, and then learning that he’s starting to intern with Publish!  Great news for the fam so off to LA they go. And if he happens to get an extra pair of joggers….
It felt good to be in the Bay and see that we’re home to a street wear landmark like Benny Gold, who is a truly golden guy with a cute ass dog.  I threw together a little Insta-video for Eat While You Sleep and made sure to get a shot of little Levi Gold.  Check it out here

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