Bangin’ it in the Park

Like always, the Bay finally found its summertime heat in September (then the next day it’s overcast and windy!!). This type of hot weather usually offers fun times and spontaneous adventures. Check what I got into last Sunday:

Golden Gate Park has been extra poppin lately, especially if you bike or skate. We packed three bikes into my car and one pair of roller skates (no room for 4 bikes)! Every Sunday the main street is closed off to through traffic, which gives fun times to alternate wheels. But this particular Labor Day weekend had two fresh events all in one day, Doin’ it in the Park and Bang the Drum. With each event having a fresh line-up, it was hard to choose where to park the wheels.

First we stopped at Doin’ it in the Park, an event with a fresh DJ line up, free BBQ, and a kiddie jumpie house. We should have came earlier because the park was crazy crowded with folks basking in the sun, the BBQ line was hella long, and the jumpie house was taken over by rambunctious boys! We decided to take the trek to the other side of the park for Bang the Drum….which was a challenge for me since I was the only one in roller skates…plus I’m not a regular skater!

I savaged it up and skated the whole park, sometimes grabbing my bro’s bike seat to get an extra pull during the tough times. I even scrubbed trying to catch up to his seat! At times I felt I would lose my balance and fall, but no matter how unstable I felt, I kept it up.

We made it to Bang the Drum just in time to see the last act, Das EFX…..”Bum stiggedy bum stiggedy bum!” That’s bringin it back!! I got their cassete single still, now that’s old school! I missed the homies perform but I did see one cute lil mama rockin it hard: part is that Jada had on the same shirt! TWINZ!

Hey Bay Bay!

So we ended up playing an everlasting game of Uno in grass and another surprise popped up:

Cute little gopher hammed it up for us and even let Jada feed him some grass!

All in all, we had a pretty tiresome day but it felt so good to just get out to the city on an extraordinarily beatiful day to get some exercise and good music. Jada was way tired, but she’s a trooper, just like her mama.

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