6/23/13: Swap & Shop Meet

I love swaps, and I love shopping (and selling), so I combined them both for a Swap & Shop Meet on Sunday, June 23.

Yes, I promote swapping with our Swap! Not Shop! events, but I have some pretty nice items that I can’t just throw in the swap piles.  Garage sales will barely get you anything for your designer items, which is why THIS IS NOT YOUR GRANDMA’S GARAGE SALE!

Here’s the info:
Sunday, June 23 from 2-6PM
at 31080 Union City Blvd. in Union City
$5 admission (please bring clean, wearable items to swap)
$10 for your own rack and selling space (please bring precious items, designer purses, etc. to sell for a good price to other ladies)

Easy directions (easier than Google Maps):

  • From 880 North or South, exit Alvarado Niles Rd.
  • Go West on Alvarado Niles Rd.  (If you’re coming from Oakland turn right.  If you’re coming from San Jose, turn left.)
  • Continue straight onto Smith Street.
  • Turn Left on Vallejo.
  • Turn into the Old Alvarado Plaza before the next street (Horner).
  • You have arrived at 31080 Union City Blvd.  The building looks like it could be from an old Western Movie! 

How to Swap:

  • Clean out your closet/drawers etc. and pick out all of the clothes that someone else can wear again.  Make sure there are no holes, stains, rips, etc. If you bring good stuff, then you will get good stuff (believe in the swap karma)!
  • Please only bring women’s clothes, shoes, purses, accessories, etc.  Do not use this as a time to dump your junk!  
  • Tell your girls!  The more girls, the better…because there will be more clothes!  
  • Bring these clothes to the swap!  $5 admission will get you all the swapping you like, plus shopping from other ladies’ closets.  There will be a swap section where everything is up for grabs.  Hint: the longer you stay, the more you can get.  More people will come in and add to the swap piles.  
  • Please only take what fits you.  There will be an area to try things on.  
  • This is not an item for item swap….it’s a free for all!  

How to Sell: 

  • Contact me at artiffact (at) gmail.com to reserve a space for you.  Only $10 and you get your own selling space and clothing rack.  
  • When cleaning out your closet/drawers etc., pick out all the clothes that you want to swap and what you want to sell.  Good items to sell would be more valuable goods like designer purses, shoes, etc., brand new items with tags, rare vintage pieces, etc. 
  • Think about the price range you want to sell your items for.  You can tag everything ahead of time, or just make it up the day of.
  • Bring your items already on hangers.  This will make it easy to set-up and I have limited hangers.
  • Arrive on time.  The meet starts at 2.  You can even arrive at 1:30 if you want to set up earlier.
  • Bring cash and change.  People will be buying directly from you.  If you run out, or need a credit card purchase, I will have a Square reader available.  I will have to cash you out at the end of the day for any purchases, minus the Square transaction fee.
  • Be open to swapping.  Other sellers may want to swap something item for item.  Take a look in another lady’s closet to see if you can work out a deal!  
  • Be sure to tell your friends!

How to Shop:

  • Remember, everything in the swap area is up for grabs, but everything in the shop area is for purchase directly from the owner.  
  • Bring plenty of cash.  Purchases are handled directly from the owner.  If you see something that you MUST have, then I will have a Square reader available for credit card purchases.  
  • There will be some rare finds on the rack.  Don’t let them pass you by!  

This is the first time holding an exclusive intimate swapping and shopping experience for you ladies at this venue, so let’s have fun and have a good time.  I plan on throwing these events either monthly or bi-monthly, so you can potentially make some money, make some room, and get a new wardrobe every month!

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