Today I was searching for destiny. Literally but it always means something, right?
Typed it in the search engine and all and then out spits all of the possibilities.

Yes ma’am.

How do things happen at the same time, despite all of the possibilities?

I found this in my favorite weekly horoscope. Find it more true than ever:

In a million years, I would never authorize you to unleash your naked greed
and give it unconditional license to careen through the world gobbling and
acquiring and appropriating. However, due to an odd blip in the astrological
configurations, I am at liberty to give you permission to unleash your
discerning, elegant greed and grant it a temporary dispensation to sample
more than usual of anything that captivates your ravenous imagination.

I will get mine, I will make it right. But I will do so responsibly. With the best of intentions. I hope you understand.

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